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Presentation of a New Stole -- September 23, 2007

About the New Stole

One Sunday afternoon after worship at Father Mac's previous parish, Grace Church, The Plains, VA, he noticed lipstick stain on his white stole. He asked Marci Markey, the head of the Altar Guild, if she knew of a way to remove the stain. This led to the disclosure that Father Mac had only one white stole, and that led to a discussion of what the theme of a new stole might be. Since Father Mac had been spending considerable time exploring his Celtic roots, including sojurns in Scotland and England, the possibility of a stole with the Celtic and Cuthbert crosses as its theme emerged.

In addition to her other talents, Marci is renowned as an Historian and a Couturiere, and she designed and made the stole. She visited us in Milford to present the stole to Father Mac.

Presentation of the Stole

The Symbols

Grace Church Emblem

Trinity Symbol

Vesting with the new stole

Cuthbert's Cross at each end

Greek Fish Symbol

Eagle of St John in the Diné Style
Lion of St Mark also visible.

Scottish Fire Cross

Thank You!

Photography © 2007 by Elizabeth Klisiewicz.